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Algaecide fungicide
Date:2021-03-04 09:09:58

1. Product introduction and advantages

     Oxidants have great potential in the purification of urban drinking water. At present, the conventional treatment process of drinking water in China is "coagulation sedimentation filtration chlorine disinfection", which mainly aims to remove the chroma, turbidity, suspended solids, colloids and microorganisms in water. Due to the serious organic pollution of water source in recent years, the high concentration of organic matter has a strong protective effect on colloid, resulting in the poor coagulation effect of conventional treatment process and the decrease of effluent standard rate. At the same time, chlorine disinfection process and high concentration of organic matter produce disinfection by-products, which increase the biological toxicity of drinking water. Preoxidation is a process commonly used in water plants to strengthen coagulation and control organic pollution. By adding oxidizing chemicals, the problem of micro polluted water purification can be solved. Its infrastructure investment, operation and maintenance costs, floor area, power consumption and manpower are relatively low, and its operation and management are flexible and convenient, with stable treatment, quick effect and good environmental benefits. It can make the micro polluted water purification reach the standard in a short time with less investment and lower operation cost. Therefore, it is an economic, practical and efficient drinking water purification technology in line with the current level of urban economic development in China.

     Compound oxidant is a new and efficient oxidant formed by the combination of high valence metal salt and some inorganic salt. In the process of water purification, it is added into raw water by adding chemicals in conventional water treatment process. The compound promotes the formation of stable intermediate products of oxidation-reduction of high valence metal salt, and forms intermediate components with strong oxidation ability after hydrolysis, which has the function of removing organic pollutants in water It has comprehensive purification functions of pollutants, algae, smell, taste, color and enhanced coagulation. Compared with other pre oxidants, this product has stable pre oxidation effect, shorter treatment time and better treatment effect, which can effectively control the concentration of haloform precursor. It is expected that this product will be favored by many consumers.

2. Product features:

1. It can kill bacteria up to 4 orders of magnitude in a short time (4-30 minutes), especially for direct water (waterworks, etc.) which requires rapid killing;

2. In ammonia containing and alkaline circulating water, chlorine containing oxidizing biocides will lose their efficacy (for example, chlorine and sodium hypochlorite will lose their efficacy when pH > 7.5), while this product maintains excellent germicidal efficacy;
This product has very high activity to bacteria and algae, and also has slime stripping effect.

3. Usage:

1. Continuous dosing: 3-15ppm water output at the pump outlet;

2. Impact dosing: add 40-100ppm according to the water holding capacity of the system (it is better to add evenly within the water holding capacity circulation time, and the dosing interval depends on the amount of free manganese ion in the circulating water).


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